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All our garden rooms can be provided fully wired and plumbed, heated and insulated and with options such as open fires, TV and telephone points, bar, wine ‘cellar’ or extra storage space. The possibilities are almost endless, but might include:
Cheshire Garden Rooms in Warrington offers expert advice, loads of enthusiasm and almost limitless options for a purpose-designed garden room perfect for business, leisure or family use.
Your new garden room can be designed as or with a childrens’ play area, TV room, cinema, music, games room or maybe just as a relaxation retreat with your own comfy furniture, a log fire and TV. Whatever the use, it’ll be purpose designed to your requirements, so you decide. Depending on the size, you could divide the construction to include, say, a kitchen, toilet, bathroom, or a bar area.
cheshire garden rooms
Garden Rooms
Family Room
An extra bedroom with en suite and kitchen might be the perfect self-contained solution for putting up overnight guests, an aging relative or to allow for an expanding family!
Studio Room
Our garden rooms can include a bar, kitchen/cooking area and of course all plumbing ‘facilities’. Perfect for general entertaining, parties and family gatherings.
Entertaining Room
A self-contained area designed for office use with all the necessary sockets and wiring for office equipment, computers and telephones.
Home Office